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The State of Health

                                                  and Health Care


The State of Health and Health Care in the U.S. In 2008, the United States has spent more on health care than almost any other country in the world, yet it ranks 47th in life expectancy and 43rd in child mortality. Despite decades of technology, we have more and more disease and lower and lower cure rates. Modern medicine is quite young—150 years—and, beginning in the 1920s has increasingly assumed a “disease care” model. This model is mechanistic and uses a system power-over the symptoms rather than a holistic approach that will access the body’s “doctor within” for stimulating a return to robust health.



When Heart and Mind Dissociate

…a person is most electromagnetically stable when the heart and brain are entrained—working in sync.
During times of stress or trauma, heart rate variability patterns are chaotic, and brain waves are not in sync
with heart waves.
— Janice Walton-Hadlock, Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease

When Mind does not recognize and appreciate Heart
, sooner or later, Mind wrests control and assumes the job of “head of state.” Early on, one usually has no clue that anything is out of balance, and Mind, unable to access the spirit of the Heart (intuition) operates solely by using powers of reason. As feelings and hunches are increasingly ignored, Heart and Mind move further and further apart. Losing its system of guidance, the physical body becomes strained and lapses into dis-ease. Symptoms are ignored as long as they are bearable. Anxiety and depression eventually ensue. Loss of the spirit of the Heart is not appreciated. Because the body is seen only as an assemblage of physical components, its calls of distress are viewed with suspicion and therefore are treated pathologically and antagonistically. From this perspective, the treatment is mechanistic. Antidepressants and other psychopharmacological drugs are prescribed. It is true, these drugs can change brain chemistry and help one function day to day. But not without costs. One, often a drug dependency is created. Two, a pre-existing split between Heart and Mind becomes evermore entrenched. Three, the root cause is not addressed, only symptoms. Finally, the real health issue remains unsolved.

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.
~ Thomas Merton



Radiant Heart Reiki has been called to bring forth a new paradigm for health care, with a holistic and integrative approach that honors the innate healing intelligence of the body. Radiant Heart Reiki explores the original source of the dis-ease and evaluates the impact on the body, mind, and spirit of the individual.


To embody my teachings make a difference to everyone whose path I cross. To educate individuals, families, villages, communities, nations, in simple ways which empower the individual and caregivers.

To teach all:
  •  how to do Reiki
  • • the importance of practice
  • • how the body works
  • • how natural healing works
  • • the knowledge of natural healing methods
  • • how to use the healing methods with ease and grace
  • • to embrace the new paradigm as a way of life
To embody my teachings, setting an example. I am inspired by Gandhi’s words and actions: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I desire to serve individuals, families, villages, communities, and nations—empowering individuals and the caregivers alike.


I see a world united in work and play. I envision a world of co-creators—collaborative and compassionate—who work, dance, play, and laugh together. Long term, I see myself assisting people in awakening dormant dreams and fulfilling them. I am leading the movement! I do this in the U.S. and abroad through various programs, schools, businesses. That is my heart’s desire.